Features of Quality Gun Safes

If you own a gun, you must ensure that your weapon is kept safe from the unauthorised hands. It can be your kids, or it can be the thieves. Gun safes are the best when it comes to keeping your gun secure from burglary or your kids. However, when buying a gun safe Adelaide, all of them are not made the same. There are those that are of high quality, and others are just for necessary security. Here are significant features to consider when buying a gun a safe.

34Metal Thickness

All gun safes are of metal. However, you need to know is that the thicker the metal, the more expensive it is. Although the 18 – 16 gauge metal is affordable, it is thin and can easily be broken in. There is also the B-rated safe that has all the whistles of a good safe. However, if you are looking to buy quality safes, go for the ones that are UL certified. The Ul accredited safes are known for excellent protection from burglars and fires. Before purchasing a gun safe, check the metal thickness and the metal used in constructing the safe. A good quality gun safe should be able to resist burglary attempts for about fifteen minutes with simple and sophisticated equipment.


The next thing to look for when buying a gun safe is the ability to resist fires. A quality fire safe has a rating of TL-15. Although some gun safes have a higher rating like TL-30, TL-30X6, and TR-TL, these type of safes are popularly used by banks and reputable jewellery stores. An average fireproof gun safe should be able to resist fire for at least one hour. Gun safes that come with a high range boast of at least two to three hours of the fire.


Although the electronic locks are not considered safe, there are a few types that are of high quality. The mechanical safes are deemed to be the most reliable of all. Expensive gun safe Adelaide has a variety of locking mechanisms including the manual combinations, digital, key locking handles and even biometric locking system. These type of safes are the hardest to break in, but can as well take a long time to access especially in case of an emergency.


Different gun safes come with different price tags. The price is based on the size, locking mechanism, the brand, the fire resistant level and so on. Always have a budget in mind before you start shopping for a gun safe. It will ensure that you do not overspend. Also, know what you want in a safe before you start shopping for a gun safe. For more information on buying gun safes, visit this page.